August 2019 Activity Report & Stats

SideGains Monthly Report September 2019

Welcome to my August 2019 Activity and Stats Report!

August was a slightly different month for me given I took a two week vacation in Greece. This interrupted my normal blog posting schedule… but I didn’t mind!

I still managed to make 3 posts while I was away though, one of which was pretty substantial.

The other thing about August is I began to get active in my social social media accounts. This still takes a back seat in favor of padding out SideGains with the most important content to begin with.

Once I’ve got a bigger list of credible content on the site I’ll start to be a lot more active in promoting the blog.

September is back to the grindstone. School starts up for my daughters this week, so we’ll all be getting back to a more regular routine… which I need to keep me focussed on my blogging duties.

Anyhow, here’s what I did in August 2019.

SideGains Search Console Stats August 2019

2019 August Search Console Stats

Blog Posts & Pages

DatePost TitleWord Count
2019-08-02July 2019 Activity Report & Stats968
2019-08-05How to Set Up a Google Account Today1,339
2019-08-08How to Write Blog Posts Quickly & Effectively3,372
2019-08-10Google SEO Penalties1,389
2019-08-15The Best Place to Write a Blog Post640
2019-08-19What are Black Hat SEO Techniques?3,744
2019-08-22Inspirational Quotes with Images: Greek Philosophers2,344
2019-08-27Holiday Blues? Does Routine Offer a Cure?477
2019-08-29How to set up Google Search Console Accounts1,505
2019-08-30Submit URLs to Google & Index Your Pages Immediately!917

Total Word Count16,695

YouTube Video

DateVideo TitleDuration
2019-08-06How to Start a Blog in 16 Steps15.30

Social Media

As I mentioned, I’ve been more active in social media in August 2019. It’s very early days but this is an important area to begin getting myself out there and building awareness of SideGains. I really started to promote towards the end of the month though so next month I expect to see more exposure with a more regular push.

Twitter – @gains_side

TweetsImpressionsProfile VisitsMentionsNew Followers

Pinterest – @SideGains

PinsImpressionsEngagementsNew FollowersAudience

Instagram – @gains_side

PostsCommentsLikesNew Followers

Facebook – @SideGains

PostsPage ViewsPost EngagementsPage Likes

Bye for now and thanks for reading!


Please do share your own experiences in the comments section below or feel free to ask me a question.

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