July 2019 Activity Report & Stats

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SideGains Monthly Report July 2019

This is the first of my posts to summarize my monthly activities. To be honest it’s contains more than just July 2019 activities as planning for SideGains began much earlier than this.

So for the July 2019 report I’ll also include the activities I carried out previously to get the site up and running.

Pre-Launch Activity

So I’ll begin the story on a train in early March 2019.

I was travelling to London for a weekly meeting with a client. The train journey was a 5-6 hour round-up and required me to entertain myself while the time passed.

I sat on the train with my Kindle and devoured blogs. This gave me the initial seed idea for starting my own blog. Since I’ve got a lot of valuable experience and knowledge to share, I figured I should start to document it.

Now in fairness I could (and should) have done this on my consultancy business blog, which needs updating. However it’s always exciting to start a new project and I wanted to do something independently from my business persona. Hence SideGains.

Blog Ideas

I began to think about the sort of blog posts I might write. To begin with, I just brain dumped my knowledge around 12 different post title ideas: these have all made it onto SideGains.

From these 12 blog posts I brain dumped a more comprehensive list of ideas around topics I might use to make further posts… the list is massive, running into hundreds of titles! This has formed the basis of my content calendar.

Now the ideas for post title are not built around keyword research. They’ve just been developed from thinking about the things I’ve picked up over the years and the experiences I’ve had such as:

  • Working with search engines;
  • Building out websites;
  • Running PPC campaigns;
  • Affiliate marketing;
  • Blogging…
  • yada yada yada!

Anyway, as the the 3 month contract for my London client came closer, I decided I’d start Side Gains at the end of June when I had some time on my hands.

When that time came, I worked like a dog to get SideGains up and running. You can read about the steps involved in setting something like SideGains up in my post on how to start a blog: this will give you an idea of what I did over the course of around 7 days!

Basically though, getting SideGains live meant I had to:

  • Choose a domain name;
  • Register a domain name;
  • Install WordPress, add a theme to it, customize it and install plugins;
  • Look for affiliate programs;
  • Set up Google Analytics and the Google Search Console;
  • Create accounts in YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram;
  • Publish posts on the SideGains blog.

A Spanner in the Works

Perhaps the biggest unexpected overhead was having to migrate SideGains to a new host.

Initially I’d installed SideGains on a reseller hosting package I had with HostGator. As it’s a fairly busy server, page load speed was very slow so I needed something faster.

I moved SideGains from HostGator to SiteGround in early July and the page load speed improvements were dramatic! But it was extra work I hadn’t initially planned. I also decided to move my consultancy business site across to SiteGround at the same time.

SideGains went live around 24th June 2019… and I’ve been busy ever since!

So as my first monthly report this one differs from the ones I’ll do in the future. From next month onwards I’ll focus upon activities within the month I’m reporting on… this June 2019 was a short month for SideGains so I’ve combined it here with a bit of background. From next month the report will take the form of:

  • Search Console Stats
  • Details of the blog posts I’ve written and published in the month
  • Videos published
  • Slideshows published
  • Social media growth
  • Comment counts
  • Backlinks acquired
  • Revenue made (if any!)

My aim is to be as open as I’m able to give you a real appreciation of what is possible to achieve and what it takes.

Without further waffle then, here is my combined report for June and July 2019.

SideGains Search Console Stats July 2019

July 2019 Search Performance

Blog Posts & Pages

DatePost TitleWord Count
2019-06-24What Happened and How the Heck Did I Get Here?2,354
2019-06-26The Law of Attraction: If You Build it, They Will Come1,804
2019-06-27How SideGains Makes Money410
2019-06-27Privacy Policy2,435
2019-06-27About SideGains878
2019-06-28Free eBook? Yes Please… But I Don’t Want Your Spam1,398
2019-06-29High Quality Content: Is Yours Good Enough to E-A-T?1,565
2019-07-01The Google Manual Penalty: An Anatomy2,503
2019-07-02Are Broken Links on Your Site Really a Big Deal?1,453
2019-07-03Why do Domain Prices Vary So Much?1,620
2019-07-04How to Register a Domain1,253
2019-07-05Bill Hicks It’s just a ride – The Importance of Perspective881
2019-07-06Choosing a Domain Name2,492
2019-07-08The Wayback Machine and How it is Useful1,785
2019-07-09Wayback Machine Search Video & Transcript1,119
2019-07-12Google Adwords Mistakes: Don’t Take Your Eye Off the Ball1,039
2019-07-1410 Inspirational Shawshank Redemption Quotes for Bloggers2,139
2019-07-18Why is Page Load Speed so Important?1,825
2019-07-20What Would You do if You Won the Lottery?1,109
2019-07-22How Long Does it Take to Write a Blog Post?2,042
2019-07-24My 11 Worst Jobs & the Experiences I Had in Them896
2019-07-26SideGains Page Load Speed Test2,010
2019-07-28How to Start a Blog6,268

Total Word Count41,278

YouTube Video

DateVideo TitleDuration
2019-07-09The Wayback Machine – An Introduction7.04

Going forward I’ll plot some of this information onto a chart that I update so I can show in a more visual way the relationship between traffic growth, activity and time.

Bye for now and thanks for reading!


Please share your own experiences in the comments section below or feel free to ask me a question.

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