September 2019 Activity Report & Stats

SideGains Monthly Report September 2019

Welcome to the SideGains September 2019 Activity and Stats Report!

A much busier month for me than August, given I had no two week holiday slap bang in the middle of the month and my daughters went back to school after the summer break.

As a result, I’ve been more active with blogging, social media and blog commenting.

Anyhow, here’s what I’ve been up to and how SideGains has performed in September 2019.

SideGains Search Console Stats September 2019

2019 September Search Console Stats

Some relatively big changes month on month here… though my total click numbers are still very low, while I’m waiting to get some Google organic love!

MonthClicksImpressionsAvg. CTRAvg. Position
August 2019196,3700.3%87.7
September 20197314,2000.5%66.6
  • Clicks have increased by 284.21%.
  • Impressions have increased by 122.92%.
  • Average CTR has increased by 66.7%.
  • Average Position has gone up by 21.1 places.

Since my numbers are so small I’m not over excited about the actuals, but the percentage growth and position increases are substantial.

I’ll keep this in perspective though until I start getting serious traffic. For now I’m at a point where SideGains is still new and I don’t yet have the authority to warrant a glut of visitors each day.

This will change as time passes though… assuming I keep up the same level of effort!

Blog Posts & Pages

DatePost TitleWord Count
2019-09-03August 2019 Activity Report & Stats420
2019-09-05What are Search Operators?1,333
2019-09-05The Google Sandbox: Fact or Fantasy?1,802
2019-09-07How to Write a Product Review (That Actually Sells… Honestly)1,959
2019-09-09WordPress Comment Spam & How to Stop It1,693
2019-09-10How to Add the Pin It Button to Your Site929
2019-09-11UK Side Hustles and Why You Need One1,120
2019-09-13Tips for New Bloggers3,749
2019-09-16How to Submit a Google Reconsideration Request1,034
2019-09-17What is Organic Traffic & Why is it Important?1,159
2019-09-18Ensure Text Remains Visible During Webfont Load888
2019-09-22The Best UK Side Hustles (Online & Offline)1,668
2019-09-23How to Create Blog Post Ideas When You’re Stuck!1,327
2019-09-24What is Evergreen Content & Why Do You Need to Know?1,890
2019-09-25Keyword Cannibalization: Do Your Posts Eat Themselves?1,358
2019-09-268 Powerful Dieting Strategies You Can Apply to Blogging1,637
2019-09-28Can You Start a Blog for Free? Yes… But Read This First!1,629
2019-09-30What are Canonical URLs & Canonicalization?1,425

Total Word Count27,020

Social Media

As I mentioned, I’ve been WAY more active in social media in September 2019.

I’ve pretty much focused my efforts on Twitter and Pinterest though, so you’ll see not so much month on month growth for Instagram and Facebook. I do not outsource anything at the moment and so I have to choose my battles!

Anyway… here’s how my social accounts look at the end of September 2019 compared to August 2019.

Twitter – @gains_side

MonthTweetsImpressionsTotal Followers
August 2019357,1000
September 201914224,60097

Pinterest – @SideGains

MonthTotal PinsImpressionsFollowers
August 2019232,0032
September 20196412,52070

Instagram – @gains_side

August 2019112
September 2019810

Facebook – @SideGains

MonthPostsPage ViewsTotal Page Likes
August 2019102013
September 201906041

Onwards and upwards. I’m interested to see what happens in October 2019.

Bye for now and thanks for reading!


Any questions or comments? Drop them into the comments section below and I’ll respond asap!

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