18 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners from Day One!

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Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

As a new blogger it can be difficult to know where to begin. You may be fully inspired to start writing and get your blogging journey underway and that’s great. One problem though… what should you write about as your opening gambits? The following then offers a series of blog post ideas for beginners to help you get your journey underway.

This isn’t a post exclusively for brand new bloggers, but if you’re a seasoned blogger looking for inspiration, this may not set your world on fire. Instead, you might want to check out some of my other posts to help unleash your creative beast:

If you’re a new blogger, the above posts might also provide ideas for posts, but the list here is specifically for beginners bloggers starting out and so are more specifically designed to help you.

So , without further preamble, here is my list of blog post ideas for new bloggers.

18 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

1. Introduce Yourself

You should really have an About page for your blog that provides a little bit of background about you. Your About page doesn’t necessarily need to be especially detailed, since it’s an overview of you really.

Why not make an early blog post a detailed one about you? Use your about page as a skeleton and put more flesh onto it is a specific blog post that explains more about you?

A longer blog post specifically about you gives you the chance to show people who you are and what your personality is like, in a more relaxed way than your About page.

2. Why You Started a Blog

Another way to show something personal about yourself is to write a post about why you’ve started a blog. What do you want to achieve through blogging? What are the things that drive you to committing to a blog right at the start of your journey? These are the types of things that explain your motivation and provide another way for you to give your blog identity.

3. Your Blogging Commitment

This might seem like a similar idea for a blog posts as the one above, but you could write specifically what you’ll be blogging about and what people can expect from you. When will you publish posts? What types of posts can visitors expect from every week?

Advising readers what they’ll get from your blog you will help them to know what to expect.

4. Your Blogging Platform

Are you using WordPress for your blog? Maybe you’re using Six or Weebly? There are dozens of different blogging platforms available so why not write a post about why you use the one you do? This will help others thinking about starting a blog to make an informed decision about the platform they might use.

5. Bloggers You Admire

What bloggers do you admire? You could write a piece on why you like certain bloggers and how they inspire you. Explaining why you like certain bloggers will show readers how you tick and introduce them to other great blogs.

6. Write About An Experience

You might share a personal experience, good or bad. Talking about your successes AND failures makes you someone that can be identified with and gives a more complete and balanced picture of you as an individual.

7. Start a Journal on Your Blogging Progress

After you’ve stated your blogging objectives, you might choose to document your journey to show other beginners what the landscape might look like for them. A journal of your blogging journey is also a great reference for you to be able to look back upon at significant points during your blogging career. It can help to provide further content for a 6 month, 1 year, 2 year report and so on.

You could write a weekly post to begin with and then a monthly roundup as time goes on.

8. Review a Book Related to Your Blogging Niche

Have you read any books about your blogging niche recently? If you have, why not write a review about it. If you’ve read it other people interested in what you blog about might be interested too.

9. Start a Challenge and Document It

Bloggers love a challenge. A challenge makes a great headline. You could start a challenge and document the journey. Your challenge could be anything:

  • Grow your Twitter account to 500 followers.
  • Reach monthly 500 visitors to your blog.
  • Own a Pinterest account with 1,000 followers.
  • Start a 30 day blogging challenge like I did.

It doesn’t really matter what the challenge is as long it’s going to help you grow and you regularly tell people about it along the way.

10. Write About Your Average Day

It’s always great to see behind the curtain. Tell your readers what you get up to every day. What’s your schedule? When do you work on your blog? How do you make time to blog?

These are all things that other potential bloggers and other bleginners might want to know.

11. Your Work Experience

You can give further insight into the type of person you are by sharing your work history. You might also share how your previous employment has helped you in your life as a blogger.

12. What You Studied

In a similar vein as your work experience, your education might also be an interesting thing to share in a blog post… it’s another subject that might provide more depth to the story of your blogging journey.

13. Things You’d Like to Achieve Outside of Blogging

Why not share something about what you’d like to achieve outside of blogging. Airing personal objective or a bucket list might spark of other ideas for blog posts as you write!

14. Write How to Do Something

You might be a beginner blogger but that doesn’t mean you can tell other beginners how to do something if you know a lot about a subject related to your niche. Providing useful content to people who might know less than you is a great start to getting your name out their as someone helpful.

15. Interview Someone

This might feel like a tougher nut to crack, but perhaps you already know a blogger in your niche that might like to talk about their experiences. You don’t necessarily need to interview them in person… you could supply some questions to them and write their answers as a Q&A type post.

16. Listen to a Podcast and Review It

Podcasts are super-hot. You may have a favorite cast you listen to. Take an episode that you found really helpful and write up a summary and review of it.

17. Use a Headline Generator

Did you know there are tools on the web that’ll actually come up with blog post ideas for you? Check out these great sites and play around with them until you find an idea that sticks.

18. Visit Quora and Look for Questions Beginner Bloggers are Asking

Quora is site where real people are looking for answers to questions. It’s extremely useful for finding ideal blog post ideas for beginners as well as for those who’ve been blogging for a while.

Quora can provide endless inspiration… I still get new ideas from Quora and highly recommend it if you’re running low on creativity.


Up to this point, you’ve probably been reading a whole bunch of blogs and looking to them as a source of ideas. For beginners this is a great way to understand how you might start building up your own content portfolio from the ground up.

In terms of starting out, my feeling is it’s good to focus upon yourself and then blog in an outward direction. Writing about who you are, your past experiences and the things that motivate you will personalize your blog and help people get to know you.

When you start working on your own post ideas, you’ll start to see connections between the posts you write and as time passes come up with further ideas.

That’s it for now!


Beginners Blog Post Idea Suggestions

Do you have any blog post ideas that you’d like to share with beginner bloggers? Please drop them in a comment below.

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  1. This is perfect, Paul! Many of these ideas can be re-used infinitely, for example the book review, challenge journal, or quora idea. Honestly I can just reference this page and will always come up with a blog post idea. My personal favorite is probably the headline generator because tools like that really get my creative juices flowing – I don’t really know why haha. Anyways, great job with this article I will be sharing this! Cheers, James

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