How Much Content do you Need to Start a Blog?

How Much Content Do You Need to Start a Blog?

I was speaking with a friend about blogging recently. He has an idea for a blog but is unsure how to proceed. One of the things holding him back was his uncertainty about how much content you need to start a blog.

It’s a common question and a valid concern. You might want to start blogging but worry that a handful of posts might make it look amateur.

I’ve researched this quite a bit and it’s confusing! Some bloggers advocate 30 posts others start with a lot less.

My view on this is… well, I’ll summarize what I think at the end. Instead, right now I thought I’d curate the opinions of other bloggers to see if there is some consensus.

At the end of this post I’ll give my own thoughts on how much content you need as a summary. Hopefully this will help you to decide if now is the right time for you to start blogging!

9 Bloggers on How Much Content You Need to Start a Blog

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Michelle is a pro-blogger extraordinaire!

She owns of Making Sense of Cents, a blog about personal finance, saving money and side hustles.

Making Sense of Cents generates six-figure sums each month from affiliate sales, advertising, sponsorship and courses.

Just a few blog posts is plenty. You’ll add more as you go.

Source: Making Sense of Cents

Michelle wrote this in direct response to a comment on a blog post. Someone asked her directly, how much content should you have before starting a blog?

Michelle doesn’t go into depth why, but her main reasoning is you’ll build up your content along the way.

This is a valid point. Something I always try to remember is that SideGains will look way different a year from now than today. You always have the opportunity to add more content tomorrow

Allyssa Barnes

Allyssa Barnes

Allyssa is the founder of Italicized Creative, a New Jersey based Web development agency specializing in WordPress.

With many years experience building websites for business clients, she understands many of the problems new websites experience.

A self-confessed WordPress addict, Allyssa regularly posts about all things Webby on her blog at!

If you’re putting off making your blog live due to not having enough content, then give yourself permission to write one post and be done with it. Then just stick with a schedule and continue to publish posts consistently.

Source: Allyssa Barnes

Allyssa advises not to worry about filling your blog with content before publishing… if that’s what’s holding you back. Like Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, she advocates building up your posts with a consistent posting schedule.

Commitment and consistency are key here. Ask any successful blogger about consistency and they’ll all tell you how important it is.

Abby Lawson

Abby Lawson

Abby started Just a Girl and Her Blog in 2013.

What began as a creative outlet for her passion for creating a beautiful home, has turned into a full-time business earning a five-figure sum each month.

It’s really up to you. Some people like to have 10-15 posts ready and then have an official “launch” and share with everyone that they have started a blog. Others just post consistently and let people find out naturally.

Source: Just a Girl and Her Blog

Abby advises you should start a blog with however much content you want. She suggests not subscribing to the idea of a pre-defined number of posts… unless you want to! The point she makes is it’s up to you.

Do you want to beef up your content and then make a big noise about it when you go live? Or do you want to just get going and build up your content as time passes?

The choice is yours!

Sarah Simpkins

Sarah Simpkins

Sarah started her blog Sarah Going in 2016. She shares her ideas on how to travel the world when you have a full-time job.

She also started Going Place Media in 2018 to specifically create content about building a side hustle, business, or blog.

Make sure you have an about page and upload an introductory post or two if you have them ready to go… then launch.

Source: Sarah Simpkins

Sarah believes worrying about how much content you need to get started is a waste of time. She advises instead to focus more upon planning ideas for blog posts and perhaps even draft a few.

This is a great tip. Thinking about the direction your blog will take before you get started might save you heaps of time later.

Having said this, Sarah believes you should have at least an about page and one or two posts ready for go live. As she points out, you can always post more afterwards.

Melanie Tamble

Melanie Tamblé

Melanie is one of the founders of ADENION, a provider of services and tools for content marketing, social media and online PR.

She is an expert in the fields of e-business and online marketing as well as online communities and social media.

Better to have one brilliant post, than to fill your blog with 5 – 10 mediocre articles, before you start promoting.

Source: Quora

Melanie’s advice is you can go live with very little content… as long as it is exceptional.

Of course, in my view if you are able to produce 5 – 10 exceptional posts that’s even better! However, Melanie is another expert who does not see a lack of content as a barrier to starting a blog.

Arfa Nazeer

Arfa Nazeer

Arfa created the Shemeansblogging blog to share her ideas and knowledge about blogging.

Her blog offers great tips on blogging, traffic growth strategies and social media.

She is a full-time blogger and also a part-time freelance writer.

Before publishing your blog, you should at least have 2 pillar posts and 3 short posts that keep the balance. It gives the reader a quick glimpse of what sort of content you provide.

Source: Quora

Arfa recommends having five pieces of content to start your blog. These should be two in depth pillar pieces and three shorter pieces to provide a taster of what to expect.

This approach might provide enough substance to understand the direction your blog is headed and a sense of your voice.

Assuming your content hits the mark, it might be enough to encourage visitors to return at another point.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal

Anil is the founder of BloggersPassion where he writes about blogging, affiliate marketing and hosting.

He has featured on Forbes, Huff Post, TNW, LifeHack, ProBlogger and SEMrush. The BloggingPassion blog earns him a six-figure sum annually.

Should be at least 6. Six mouth-watering contents that gives value … No one will share a blog that has poor content or no content at all.

Source: Quora

Like Arfa above, Anil recommends at least six posts. However, the emphasis has to be on producing “some truly refreshing content that urges your readers to share it”.

Anil’s point is how much content you need should be balanced against the quality of that content. He says a handful of posts is okay as long as each is high quality to inspire people to share it.

Sue Foster

Sue Foster

Sue is a UK based blogger and the founder of Her blog packed with information on making money online, saving money, blogging and lifestyle tips.

Sue also runs her own Etsy store called Sue Foster Creatives.

Publish your posts as soon as you write them so that they can get found by search engines but I’d suggest not to promote and share on social media until you have at least 10 posts.

Source: Quora

Sue is another advocate of publishing content right away and not holding back until you have a bank of posts prepared. This will help search engines to find your blog and index it, even if human visitors can’t find you initially.

However, like Melanie, she recommends you begin promoting your posts only when you have at least 10 published posts.

Dayne Shuda

Dayne Shuda

Dayne is the founder of Ghost Blog Writers, a business devoted to creating blog content for businesses.

Ghost Blog Writers helps its clients meet their objectives for building influence, authority and awareness through content.

You only need one post to start. But here’s a twist. I would come up with about 10–12 or even more ideas for posts before you start writing for the blog.

Source: Quora

Dayne is all about blogging… it’s his job! He too believes you just need 1 post to get started. However he advises to have a bunch of blog ideas planned before you publish.

This is good advice in my view. Ideas for content can be a real stumbling block for new bloggers. Having a bunch of ideas in reserve prior to publishing your first post makes great sense.

How Much Content Do I Think You Need to Start a Blog?

My view on how much content you need, and the advice I gave to my friend, is you need one post.

Yep… one lonely little post to get going!

There’s a danger in worrying too much about how much content you require. The danger is you won’t get started!

As I told my friend, don’t worry about what people think because hardly anyone will find your blog to begin with. No-one will see how many posts you do or don’t have. Your blog has to be indexed and ranking for searches, or promoted for people to find it. If no-one finds it, why worry?

The reality of starting a blog is it will take time for visitors to arrive in droves… so don’t worry about it.

The Main Benefit of Publishing Your Blog Content ASAP

I’m going to use a cliche here, so I’ll apologize in advance!

Publishing your first piece of content is a stake in the ground (I told you a cliche was coming). As much as anything, your first published post is a commitment to yourself. With a published post, you’ve made a start… and you can begin adding more posts to your blog any time you like.

Truly, the question you should be asking is not how much content do I need to start my blog? It’s more important to ask, how consistently can I write content and publish it after my first post is live? As long as you commit to a consistent posting schedule after unleashing your first post, you won’t have any issues.

The chatter about having 20 to 30 posts ready before you go live is chatter that’s best ignored! Of course it doesn’t do any harm for you to have 20 to 30 post title ideas before you publish your first item, because this will help you bolster your content going forward.

So… don’t hold yourself back. Don’t worry what people are saying. Publish with one post… and be damned!

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How Much Content to Start Blogging?

I’d love to hear how much content you needed to start your blog! Leave me a comment below and tell me your experiences or thoughts.

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