The Best Place to Write a Blog Post

The Best Place to Write a Blog Post

It’s an interesting question. If you’ve read my article about how to write blog posts quickly you’d have seen I’ve touched upon this already. For me, the best place to write a blog post is in a public place. I’ve seen another example of this today quite by accident. I’ll explain how.

So this morning is not a normal day. I’m taking my wife and daughters to Greece today for our summer vacation. We prepared ourselves well in advance this year. We’re packed and ready for the taxi that’ll to take us into our town centre. And from here we’ll catch a bus to the airport.

Our taxi driver took us on a very strange route into town. I perceived this route as a way to bump up the price of the journey, so I was irritated. However, putting this down to pre-travelling stress, I let it go.

The taxi driver delivered us to the bus station and we went to purchase our bus tickets to the airport. We bought our tickets, got on the bus and I last-minute checked we had all our travel documents.

  • Passports, check.
  • Boarding passes, check. 
  • Insurance certificates, check.

Perfect. We’re all set. Hold on… where’s my mobile?

What’s My Next Move?

Okay I’ve got a slight problem!

Think… when did I last use my mobile? I used it in the taxi to send a text message. I must have left it there. Argghhh!

The bus was about to leave so I had to get off, leaving my wife to take our girls to the airport while I tried to recover my mobile.

I’ll cut a long story short… I called my mobile with my wife’s phone and I had left it in the taxi. The driver very kindly drove back to the bus station and delivered it to me. I was able to get the next bus to the airport so all was not lost. It was pretty stressful though!

So let’s get back to the main point.

Where Do I Find the Best Place to Write?

I’m writing this post now on a bus heading to the airport. Since I don’t have any other means I’m writing it on my mobile phone, using a document I created in my Google Drive.

I don’t have any distractions and nothing else to do but wait until I arrive at the airport in around an hour’s time. So my first thought is that I have an opportunity to write a blog post!

For me the best place to write a blog post seems to be when I’m in a public place. I mean, I’m sitting on a bus right now, using my clumsy thumbs on a mobile phone. It shouldn’t work but I feel my writing is flowing. I’m almost not having to think about it!

So what seems to work best for me is writing posts:

  • on public transport, especially trains
  • in cafes
  • or in libraries.

I find these places better than writing at home, where I can be easily distracted by someone at the door, my family, the home phone, etc.

The best place for you to write a blog post will be specific to you. Maybe a public place or maybe somewhere quiet.

Edit: You may be glad to know that we did manage to catch our flight and have made it to Greece… here’s the proof!

Lichnos, Greece
Lichnos, Greece

I’m now writing this from my Kindle having picked up the article from my Google Drive (it’s very useful and highly recommended). If you don’t have access to Google Drive, I recommend you to create a Google account today to take advantage of the many benefits and free tools it offers.

That’s all for now!


Best Place for Writing Blog Posts

I’d love to hear what you find to be the best place to write blog posts. Drop a comment below and let me know.

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