How SideGains Makes Money

This page may contain affiliate links from which I may make a commission at no cost to you. See How SideGains Makes Money for more information.

You may have read on the SideGainsAbout page that the aim of the site is to:

  • Share my knowledge and experience of building websites and promoting them online
  • Review successes and failures of side projects and experiments I work upon through my consultancy business, OK 200, to further my own learning and as a resource for people who might be interested
  • Share my own personal efforts to make money online through websites I personally own.

SideGains takes a lot of my time and effort to maintain, but of course I enjoy writing about the things I write about. I also need to earn a living and so I need to balance these two points.

Most of my time is taken up with my work as a Search Engine Marketing Consultant and Web Developer, however I openly admit I would like SideGains to provide me with a source of income.

I don’t produce all the content here as a cynical means to make money though: I want to provide insight and guidance and help people interested in learning about websites, online marketing and making a different life for themselves, either away from, or totally outside the 9 to 5 grind.

As such I want to provide the best content possible to reach that objective.

So How does SideGains Earn Money?

I partner with advertisers that hold the same values as me. If you click on a link at SideGains for the products and / or services offered by these advertisers and you end up signing up with them or making a purchase of their products or services, I may receive a small commission by that advertiser… but with absolutely no cost to you.

SideGains is a participant in the following affiliate programs designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to sites:

  •, Inc. and its affiliates
  • Commission Junction (Conversant Europe Ltd.)
  • Shopify Inc. and its affiliates
  • Rakuten Marketing (Rakuten Marketing, LLC)
  • Webgains Ltd
  • Clickbank (Click Sales Inc.)
  • Affiliate Future (IBG Ltd)
  • Tradedoubler (Tradedoubler AB
  • Flex Offers (, LLC)
  • MaxBounty (MaxBounty, ULC)
  • Shareasale (, Inc.)
  • AWIN (AWIN Ltd.)

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Of course, it would be disingenuous to say this will not influence some of the reviews of products and services I write about (and where they are talked about at SideGains), but commissions do not determine the direction of all the content on the site, since that would damage my credibility and ultimately not provide the value to visitors I am striving for.

I will add to this that I also provide reviews of third party products and services at SideGains, along with links to them too, for which I receive no commission whatsoever: I try my best to keep things fair and balanced in order to help you make the right choices for you and your situation.

I hope this clears up any doubts about my intentions.