Holiday Blues? Does Routine Offer a Cure?

Routine & Holiday Blues

So I’ve just returned from a two week vacation to Lichnos in Greece. It was a very relaxing break. But now I’m home… with the holiday blues!

I spent most days relaxing by a pool in +35°C temperatures and I actually managed to make three blog posts. One of these was a pretty substantial and in-depth article explaining what black hat SEO is. It was a tough article to write given I wrote, edited and published it from my Kindle.

I have to get back into the swing of things and crank up my blogging activity again… but it’s hard.

I’m slightly preoccupied about how things will go. Although I’m very inspired, I’ve taken a break and part of me feels guilty. I feel like I’ve let things slide.

Before I left for Greece I was working very long hours putting SideGains together. Writing posts, making videos, beginning to work social media… the list goes on.

Today, I’ve started up again and I’m feeling sluggish. I need to be working like I was before I went on vacation… but I have to get into a routine again.

It’s also tough because in the UK it’s the school holidays. My daughters are at home a lot right now and don’t go back to school for another two weeks.

It’s really lovely having them around so much but it’s tough to work from home AND have routine when the routines of my family are relaxed due to the summer break.

No doubt when my girls go back to school, my routine will go back to “office normality”. For now though it’s more important than ever that I have more structure to my days.

Routines & Holiday Blues To Do Lists!

I’m finding that as time goes by, the list of things to think about and manage grows. I always knew starting a proper blog would be demanding but my insight into this is changing almost on a daily basis.

I also have to manage work for my existing clients on top of developing SideGains.

Usually I have a paper-based todo list. This has been perfectly acceptable for managing work for my clients. However, right now this just doesn’t seem robust enough with the increased tasks I have when factoring SideGains.

So I need to use a proper tool to help me. This post then forms the beginnings of my research for such a tool. I’ll report on this over the next few days.

I’ll do some general research, create a shortlist and then test these to see which suit my needs best. Finally, I’ll document the one (or ones) I shortlist with my reasons for using or not using them. Hopefully this will defeat my holiday blues!

So it all starts with a search in Google….

Watch out for more on this over the coming days.

Bye for now.


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