How to Show Hidden Files in cPanel File Manager

cPanel File Manager Show Hidden Files

cPanel is software that runs on a web host, enabling you to perform basic web administration tasks. It’s a graphical interface that helps you carry out a number of things, but for the purposes of this post I’m going to explain how to use cPanel’s File Manager to show hidden files.

When you log into cPanel you’ll see a home screen from which you access all the tools available to you.

In the screenshot below, you can see what my cPanel home screen looks like. Yours might look slightly different, but the area you want to look for is something that resembles the FILES options area in my cPanel, shown by the arrow in my screenshot.

cPanel Home

You can expand the FILES tab by clicking on it, after which you’ll see something like this:

cPanel File Manager

Clicking on the File Manager option will pop open a window giving you the options as below:

cPanel File Manager Options

You can see I’ve selected the “Show Hidden Files” tick box. When you select this and click the “Go” button you should be all set and able to see all files (hidden and visible) in the cPanel File Manager, from your blog’s home directory downwards.

Summary: How to See Your Hidden Files Using cPanel

  • Go to your cPanel Home Screen in your web host.
  • Select the File Manager from the FILES options area.
  • Click the File Manager and select the “Show Hidden Files” option.
  • Click the Go button to continue on to your File Manager screen and all hidden files should now be visible.

You can see more guides like this at my Tutorials page.

That’s it for now.


Show Hidden Files in cPanel File Manager

Many cPanel interfaces can look different to mine. If you have any problems in your cPanel File Manager regarding showing hidden files, drop me a comment below and I’ll help you out asap!

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